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In addition, Marie LeNôtre has created another viable source of scholarship funds through her memoir, Appetites.


In Appetites, Marie LeNôtre shares her love story with Alain LeNôtre, only son of legendary Pastry Chef Gaston LeNôtre, and the difficulties in establishing the notable Culinary Institute LeNôtre in the US.


Most importantly, this delightful and riveting memoir details the history of the famous LeNôtre name and its culinary pursuits. All proceeds from the book will benefit the Gaston LeNôtre Scholarship Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization. 

"We received an advance review copy of Appetites: A Memoir and have already finished it, which was no chore. The book is a page-turner, with some breathtaking revelations about how the respected French culinary school came into existence. Appetites: A Memoir is not only an enjoyable read -- it also helps people get a culinary education. Proceeds are being donated to the Gaston LeNôtre Scholarship fund, named for Alain Le Nôtre's famous pastry chef father. "

 - Phaedra CookHouston Press Correspondent

The name LeNôtre is famous worldwide. Gaston and Colette LeNôtre created a food empire, one of the greatest culinary families of France. Their son and daughter-in-law, Alain and Marie, carried the tradition to the United States where they created the Culinary Institute LeNôtre in Houston, Texas. Marie’s book Appetites is an autobiography, a love story, a business history about the LeNôtre family’s struggle in the new world, and a confessional about her interior struggle. The LeNôtre family saga is told with grace, as is Marie’s search for inner peace. I enjoyed it tremendously and heartily recommend Marie LeNôtre’s Appetites.

 - Fran Fawcett Peterson, Amazon Reader Review

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