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Ronald Edwards Jr

Most people who call themselves a Chef are in it for the glitter and gold, not for the love of cooking.

Name: Ronald Ewards

Age: 24

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Current City: Houston, TX

Course of Study: AAS – Culinary Arts

Year of Graduation: 2011

Year of Receiving the GLS: 2009

What is your story? What did you do before culinary school? Why did you choose CIL? What are you doing now?

Being a native of New Orleans, Louisiana I have experienced many different cuisines. In my early years, I learned to cook, bake and make candy with my mom. During high school, I was interested in food and Carl Wunsche Academy had a Culinary Arts program that I was accepted into. When graduation arrived, I graduated with Culinary Honors from high school and I immediately attended culinary school two weeks after graduating.

Since graduating, I have been expanding my knowledge of food and I recently did a 24 seat Pop-Up Restaurant called the Elements of Food & Jazz and it was a great experience. I am currently a Chef at Parsons House Cypress.

How would you describe the impact of your courses at CIL on your daily missions?

The courses at CIL taught me the basics and techniques. Anyone could probably cook good, but if you know the technique it further expands what you can do.

Any memorable moment as a student?

My favorite memorable moment while attending CIL was the day of my graduation. It was a great day because it was my 20th birthday and everyone in the room sung “Happy Birthday” to me.

Do you have other projects in mind?

I would like start a nonprofit organization that will cater to the homeless population to ensure that they will always get a great meal and get them back on their feet. I am encouraged to start a group that helps upcoming chefs further pursue their culinary talents as well.

Any words of wisdom to students pursuing a career in the Culinary Arts field?

Network. Network. Network. Just make sure that this field is really something you would like to pursue because this industry is not for the weak. Tough skin is required and sometimes you will fail but keep expanding your knowledge. Most people who call themselves a Chef are in it for the glitter and gold, not for the love of cooking.

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